“Using online dating and Vegas Valley Introductions (Patti Novak) is to dating success as the difference in methods in getting a degree: you CAN go to the library and study on your own, but VVI is smarter, more effective, focused and a helluva lot quicker.” – Owner of a local LV business.


Hi Patti,
Erika-RingJust wanted to let you know that tonight he asked me to marry him. Getting to know him and falling in love with him again and again over the past year has been the most wonderful experience. I could not ask for a more caring man or a better life partner and I would have never met him if I hadn’t taken a risk and trusted you. Thank you so much for bringing him into my life. There aren’t enough words to express the joy you brought to our lives.
— New Bride


“After using online services, friend referrals and random meetings out and about, Patti is the reassurance I needed that I would succeed at a date and keep away from repeated patterns of failure. When Patti matches you, she’s thinking of you and your possibilities, not a computer algorithm regurgitating data: “man seeking woman” is a 100% match for “woman seeking man.” You both live within 100 miles of the same zip code, 100% match. Big deal. A 4th grader could do better. Leave the computer for work and your smartphone where they belong.” – Happy Customer.


Image2a“Finally! Online dating was ok, but after an hour with Patti, I had a weekend full of dates and a much higher confidence level. On the date, she and I knew the same set of rules, so I’m no longer worried if I’m making a dating faux pas by calling or texting (i.e; waiting one day, one hour, three days, text or call, etc.). With that no longer at the forefront of how I date, I was much more relaxed and enjoyed the dates. I think we both did.” – Name withheld at customer’s request.


“Wow! Dating success went from a desert of nothing and working at composing my 100th email to e-profiles in Vegas – if you have been in my shoes trying to be “clever, smart, and have a sense of humor…..” all in a three line first message – to a deluge of Patti calling me with dates! I couldn’t be happier, and more confident. I took the time to neaten up my appearance, review what I do have to offer a successful woman, and had a much better level of confidence going to and on the date. My date wanted to meet me, she wanted to be on the date, and I think she was attracted to my higher confidence level. Thanks Patti” -Name withheld at customer’s request.


“Patti is the bomb! As a successful guy trying to date in Vegas, it’s rough! I’m frustrated spending money on model VIP bottle rats just emptying my wallet, working hard trying to break one from the herd, then the one girl I manage to connect with gets dinner and drinks outta me, then I find she lives in Iowa, ya know? I can’t date girls from work and keep my job, I don’t date friends cuz you just don’t, right? So where can I find a lady for me that I can start a LTR with? Patti makes is so smooth, saves me baller money on trying to find a date that lives in Vegas, right? Get off the ride and onto your second and third date with a quality lady not out for your hard earned gold.” – (edited) Name withheld at customer’s request.


“As a divorced staff officer for the military, constrained by rules and vague perceptions as to being single and trying to date, it is rough. I’m not going to risk sexual harassment charges, have a short time at each station to meet a compatible match, and a fast paced work schedule. Discovering Patti Novak was a significant relief.


I was matched with amazing, quality, attractive, smart, and interesting dates. I learned her dating rules, that are otherwise so ambiguous and contrary, I don’t have to put my photo and personal life on a public web page for my bosses and subordinates to see and compromise my leadership integrity, and I get dates quickly to meet the one woman to finally settle down with.” – Name withheld at customer’s request.

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