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Patti and Jessica have successfully matched thousands of couples since Buffalo Niagara Introduction’s opening in 2001.

Patti began matching hearts at age ten and was voted “The Next Ann Landers” by her eighth grade class. No college could teach the intuition Patti already had, and she quickly blazed her own path, becoming a self-made business owner.

There are plenty of dating services and dating coaches out there but only one unique mother-daughter duo like Patti and Jessica read this article. Television viewers saw Patti’s unique “tough love” approach – equal parts in-your-face honesty and love – and were impressed by her intuitive abilities and her no-nonsense advice. Using common sense and cutting through the layers to get to the core of who you are – and making you laugh while she does it — are Patti’s signature techniques. Let their family help you find love!

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