‘America’s Matchmaker’ Patti Novak gives Vegas some tough love

Las Vegas Weekly, Erin Ryan

In Clark County, more than 50 percent of the population is single. That’s a million people who might be missing out on love, says matchmaker Patti Novak. You might know the fiery New Yorker from her pioneering TV show (A&E’s Confessions of a Matchmaker, which preceded that other matchmaking show starring that other Patti), or maybe from her book, advice column, radio program or dish sessions with Rachael Ray and Oprah.

With an East Coast service she says is logging more than a thousand matches a month, Novak figured it was time to work her magic in one of her favorite West Coast cities. On February 1, she opened High Desert Introductions, where Vegas women can learn to stop picking malignant narcissists, Vegas men can learn that the world isn’t made up of perfect 10s, and everyone can learn to stop talking about sex on the first date… <a title="‘America’s Matchmaker’ Patti Novak gives Vegas some tough love" href="http://www.lasvegasweekly a fantastic read.com/as-we-see-it/weekly-qa/2013/feb/22/americas-matchmaker-patti-novak-gives-vegas-some-t/” target=”_blank”>Read Article

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